ZEN Nano Controller

By Omron Automation and Safety 344

ZEN Nano Controller

Omron's ZEN Nano Controller provides easier small-scale automatic control and enables quick automation of small machines or facilities. Add to this the LCD screen and 8 buttons on the front panel for easy ladder program input.

The ZEN provides a more compact control panel, reduced assembly or wiring, AC inputs, easier circuit design and multiple timer control. Increase system convenience and added value using the automation excellence provided by the ZEN.

Application guide

System Advantages System Features
  • Accurate analog inputs ±1.5% FS
  • Wide supply voltage range of 10.8 to 28.8 VDC
  • Flexible mounting – either horizontal or vertical
  • New CPUs with built-in RS-485 communications for data sharing
  • Advanced high-value counting with 8-digit counter and 8-digit comparators, in addition to 16 standard counters
  • One 150-Hz high-speed counter available on models with DC power supply
  • Twin-timer operation allows you to set ON and OFF times separately, greatly simplifying intermittent operation
  • Password function ensures security
  • Display user-set messages or analog-converted values
  • Delivers the flexibility and functionality of separate timers, counters, and relays for control applications with up to 44 I/O
  • New economy CPU models – good for applications that require less than 10 or 20 points of I/O. (Does not accept expansion units)
  • Save time by using the memory cassette to transfer programs between ZEN units and standardize updates to end users
  • Reduce wiring and engineering time using simple ladder logic programming with the push of a button or click of the mouse
  • Easily add up to 3 ultra-slim 35mm, 8 I/O expansion units when more points of control are required