A16 and A22 Series Pushbuttons Selector Switches a

By Omron Automation and Safety 268

A16 and A22 Series Pushbuttons Selector Switches a

Everyone wants to do their part for the environment and reducing power consumption can make a small but notable difference. Omron redesigned lighted pushbuttons, selector switches and indicators to take advantage of ultra-bright, energy-saving LEDs. Currently available on 16 mm models, the new LEDs will be available soon on 22 mm models.

Bright, Evenly Lit Colors - Design your control panels with Omron’s ultra-bright switches for appealing aesthetics and rich color evenly distributed across the lighted surface. Compared to Omron’s previous LEDs, switches that use the new lamp are a full 20% brighter, which improves visibility for operators.

How Big is the Energy Savings? - Depending on the lamp voltage and color, Omron has reduced the current consumption by 20% to 73%. The milliamps saved add up to a fair energy savings over the years of operation as well as increased LED lifetime.

Eliminate Wiring Errors - The 12 V and 24 V switches now accept both AC and DC voltages. Non-polarized terminals are now provided to eliminate polarity errors during wiring. This flexibility also helps reduce inventory costs for panel builders and for customers who buy their machines.

A22 Series Features
  • Finger protection mechanism on switch unit provided as a standard feature
  • Mounted using either open-type (fork-type) or closed-type (round-type) crimp terminals
  • Use 25-diameter ring to install in 25-diameter panel cutouts
  • Wide range of shapes and colors
A16 Series Features
  • Enhanced Brightness
  • Low Current types
  • Non-polarized types
  • Vivid color options including "Pure White"
  • Quick and easy assembly, snap-in switch
  • Wide range of switching capacity from standard to microload
  • Shapes to match your aesthetic requirements: round, square and rectangular
  • High reliability, in standard IP40 and oil resistant IP65 models
  • Short mounting depth, less than 28.5 mm below panel
  • Conforms to EN60947-5-1, IEC60947-5-1